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Cast Iron Grill - Why it's Worth the Money

The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill with Propane Tank is an ideal outdoor cooks dream come true. A cast iron grill body, domed front grill with extended grill shelf, cast iron grate, coal tray, cooking rack, and cast iron tripod stand combine in hundreds of configurations to extend your outdoor eating options, and pack a pair of smaller dishes under the main grill for extra convenience. And because it's all included, the All-in-One Grill with Propane Tank can be taken on any type of trip to the great outdoors, from camping trips to tailgate parties, from family get-togethers to ranches. No matter where you go, the patio grill with propane tank will keep you and your food fresh and tasty. No more fussing with charcoal, keeping matches, or waiting for those charcoal chunks to ash out.

The cast iron outdoor grill with Propane Tank solves many of the problems associated with typical portable grills. With a simple push of a button, you can turn on the gas grill, switch over to propane, select a place to cook, add your favorite fuel, get in your car and drive five miles away. You can even cook a roast without leaving the cover of your portable grill base. This means you can enjoy that roast right outside on the patio when it's ready to be served, or use the grill base later as a place to store the meals you make and transport them to warmer places later. And if you're a real fan of barbecued meat, the grill base makes a great location for smallish rotisserie roasts with a basting brush.

Cooking on all in one grill with propane is also nice because it eliminates the mess and hassle of having to manually transfer coals to and from the grill. No more cleanup afterwards! The advantage to using stainless steel coils as opposed to aluminum ones is that it's very unlikely the foil or grate will become burned, charring, or distorted in any way. There won't be any problem transferring the coals either, since there's plenty of room to move the metal around so that they aren't all over the place. This makes clean up much easier than it would be with coals that are bigger and require different methods for handling.

The All-in-One grill with coal tray that comes with the combo package is especially nice, because it eliminates two potential sources of charcoal fire risk. The first is that you can use the tripod to actually transport the coals and coal tray to different areas when you need to cook a specific part of a meal. Since the tripod moves the coals and the coal tray easily, you can set the coals and coal in the tripod at a specific distance from one another and move the tripod closer or further from the burner until you find the perfect heat source. This ensures you don't have to waste time waiting for your coals to catch, making cleanup much easier. Look for more facts about grilling at

Another thing that's nice about this grill is the temperature control. Unlike many grills that let you just set the heat level to what you want it to be and then keep that as the cooking temperature, you can actually program the temperature of the grill to suit whatever it is you're planning on cooking. That feature, coupled with easy cleanup, make this an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into the kitchen and start cooking without all the fuss. Because the grill features both plates and grates, you can be sure that even when it is turned off and unplugged, it will still maintain a stable heating level. So even when you're not using the grill, the surface of the grate will continue to heat up evenly to ensure that everything is cooked evenly, no matter what you're cooking.

Most people who use these stainless steel grills wonder why they bother buying them in the first place. After all, other stainless steel grills are simply as good, if not better, for just about the same price. But one of the major reasons is because of the steel grills durability and heat conductivity. While other grills can be easily knocked over by winds and waves, these steel grills are not only strong, but they are virtually indestructible when properly taken care of. What more could a chef or someone who works outdoors need?

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